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Woof Weight

My dog is on a diet too.

OK let me re-phrase: My dog is on a diet.

Eventually I'll start mine, but meanwhile The Pupperoni is no longer being given carb scraps (we used to toss him all kinds of junk - stale bread, left over garlic toast, old socks) which he'd happily inhale, and then wait longingly for more, giant drool slingers painting the floor as he did so.

Now he still slings drool (unfortunately for our carpet), but the scraps are few and far between. He has a bad hip (he's some kind of shepherd/spitz dog cross so he's prone to it) so we can't really run the poop out of him, so cutting back on the incoming crap is our main option.

Results? He does look leaner, actually. Not by much, but it's better than nothing. I keep getting on the scale myself, hoping his results will show up on me too ;-)

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