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Quality Control

In addition to limiting my after hours food consumption (so far so good tonight!) I need to practice some quality control over what I eat. The chocoholic in me is not so happy about that.

I was really happy when they came out with this business about really really dark chocolate being good for you... I bought a bunch of those "97 %" (or whatever) cocoa bars, and praised myself for my dietary accountability (Note - I actually like those - a lot of people I know think they're too bitter and don't have enough sugar). Not me. I used to horrify my Mom by eating (and enjoying!) Baker's unsweetened chocolate squares.

Anyway, back on track here - in the past I've written down everything I've eaten and sorted it all by food type, which was extremely useful in ensuring there wasn't a hole where a certain nutrient group should be. I discovered, as many people have, that if I increased my protein intake, I could stay full longer on fewer calories. Unfortunately chocolate is not a protein, so that strategy didn't stick with me too long.

My fall from grace began last Halloween, and has carried on ever since. In an attempt to rectify this I've converted our mini-fridge, formerly my husband's canned beverage fridge, into a produce fridge. I was tired of the plant food being shoved behind the left-over take out in the big fridge. How am I supposed to eat it if I can't find it? Now every few days I wipe the chocolate off my face and open the mini-fridge, and look in. Ahhhh!!! Now I can see it!!! My compost worms are pretty happy about it all, that's all I can say.

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