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Have I mentioned that I've been focusing on breakfast lately? I eat something simple, like peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread, or a banana and homemade granola bar. I've noticed it has made a tremendous difference in the rate at which I put on pounds when I don't need to.

They say that eating breakfast increases your metabolism. It does seem unlikely - aren't calories the same no matter when you eat them? I've found it does make a difference though. When I eat breakfast, I don't gain back those "slip up" 2-5 pounds nearly as easily.

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Attack of the Spam Monster

Hi everyone! I just wanted to offer a quick apology to anyone who may have commented on this blog and not seen their comment appear... this blog seems to have been attacked and taken over by spam comments, and there are so many that sometimes I miss a legitimate comment in my efforts to delete and clean up.

If you left a legit comment and I've deleted it by mistake, my sincere apologies.

Happy reading everyone :)

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Halloween Candy Has No Calories

I've decided. Halloween will be a night off, where I can blissfully indulge in all the sugar I want! So there. Just try and stop me (translation - stay out of the way to avoid injury).

I'm back to calorie counting, and although I haven't been updating my daily counts on the side column of this blog, it's been going fairly well. According to my lovely scale I've even lost 2 pounds, which although it's not as much as I'd like, is better than nothing :) I'll take it!

If you (from the title of this post) were looking for some kind of magic that deletes the calories in Halloween candy, I apologize. I could spin something about how having a day full of sugar maybe shakes up your metabolism and makes it speed up (is that plausible? We can pretend!), but without research to support this theory I don't know how credible it would be. Hmmm.

Instead, let's just say this: Halloween Candy Has No Calories In My Head (because there's plenty of research to support that ;)

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Dr. Phil's Weight Loss Book: The Ultimate Weight Solution

This is the book that I'm currently reading.

While I haven't lost any weight yet (I'm only on page 73), what I do appreciate about this book is that he examines the psychological and behavioural mechanisms behind weight before he starts in on the diet advice. It's like he's prepping you mentally first, which I believe in: I think all that we are and do begins with how we think.

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Mmmm POP!

Yummy, sugary, and having no nutritional benefit whatsoever: pop!! At anywhere from 130-180 calories per can, it can find it's way to your waistline pretty quick.

The best solution is to simply not buy it, which, if I lived alone, would be my answer. However my husband is a Pepsi-aholic, and we're the house that hosts the family parties, which usually include a flat of mixed pop for the kids (mine are normally only allowed 1/4 can two or three times a week as a treat).

I could:

a) Torture myself and not drink any, and end up eating or drinking something else just as bad,


b) Give in and just chug the stuff,


(drum roll)

c) Crack open a can, have a few sips, and leave the can in the fridge. I periodically come back and have a sip or two, but usually I'll forget it's there. The next day it's flat (and disgusting), and it gets dumped down the drain.

Wasteful? Sure. (Keep in mind that I don't live alone and therefor share in the decisions about what comes into the house.) Waist expanding? No.

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