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Sunday Night Weigh-In

Oh geez is it that time already?? Can't I have a couple more days?? (sigh). Ok, here it is (the whole truth and nothing but the truth):


Gained it back again. Sheesh. Apparently having such personal details as my poundage publicly blogged is doing little to motivate me.

On the upside, I am basking in the triumph of successfully securing our wireless router, which saved us $100 in tech fees. Everyone my husband spoke to told him to have a tech come in and configure it, and when I told him I was going to try, he was skeptical (in my defense he works with tradesmen, not tech heads). Granted when I'd finished it was so easy that I was skeptical too, so I called the 24 hour support line to double check, and their rep confirmed that it was indeed secure.

Pffft! So there. Apparently there are brains mixed in with my brawn. Spare IQ points with the spare tire. (Hey! Maybe I should gain ten pounds!!)

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