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2 Things I've Done Right Today

Well it's early, but I'm off to a good start (I have to make up for the ice cream yesterday!! oh my).

1) First, I walked past the pantry, stopped and stared at one of those yummy chocolate coated chewy granola bars, and I actually walked away and left it sitting on the shelf (when the box is almost empty, in an effort to make more room on the shelf my husband discards the box and leaves the few remaining bars sitting in plain view). Today I managed to walk away without grabbing one and tearing open the foil wrapper... yay me!

2) I put less cream in my coffee. I've been drinking it without sugar for awhile now (that was a hard switch, and I only do this at home 'cause I buy good beans, or if I'm at a high end coffee shop where I know it'll taste ok). I have a weakness for the high calorie "coffee cream" as opposed to the regular stuff, and today I cut back on the amount I poured into my cup. Let's see if I can keep that one up.

Hey it's something. Now let's see if I can get through the rest of the day with the same success...

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