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What I've Done Right Today

Well, I skipped dessert at dinner! Yay me. (I'm a sugar addict - if there's anything with sugar in it, get out of the way or you'll be injured ;-) I also rode the stationary bike for a bit, but I don't think it counted , really, because I kept getting interrupted by my 3 year old. Brat! He just wanted to be mentioned in this blog. Now I'm sucking on a mint instead of eating something sugary with more calories. Let's see how long this will last...


Sunday Night Weigh-In

Drum roll (and keep in mind that I'm short... and sporting a niiiiice muffin top at the moment ;-)

131 lbs!!!!

First Post

I'm one of those "if I could just lose the last ten pounds" people. The sad thing is, I had done it, this time last year. I lost 18 pounds, to be exact. Finally!! Three years after the birth of my last child, I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Now, as my son nears four years old, I've gained back ten of those pounds. Geez, Louise!!!!! I'd love to blame Halloween '07 ('cause really that's when it started), then my girl's 5th birthday in November, then Christmas, then January's "OMG who cares anymore", then Valentine's, then Easter, then (ok STOP, they get the picture).

Then I thought, what if I started a blog about the pounds to motivate me to get busy? What the heck, it can't hurt. Wish me luck!

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