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Calorie Shifting

Hmmm... it appears as though my inability to stick to below 2,000 calories for any length of time has a name: calorie shifting!! lol

I've heard of the merits of this before: basically it refers to changing your daily intake levels to trick your metabolism. If you eat low cal for too long, your metabolic rate eventually slows to match the level of incoming calories.

I honestly think my calorie levels are a bit to high for this though. The bottom line is that calories consumed have to be processed by your body, and at my current rate (see top left side bar of blog for my daily counts) I'm averaging about 2,227 (I took the last 7 days, added them up with a value of 3,000 for the jujube and Easter days, and then divided by 7). In the past my weight maintenance level has been between 2,500 - 2,700, so I can still lose weight if I continue this way, but it will be extremely slow.

That being said, I firmly believe that calorie shifting, if done properly, can really work. Here are some links for further reading:

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Emily said...

hello! I actually have a blog similar to yours... it's about losing those last ten pounds. I'm looking for different ideas to get through this last bit... would you recommend a Wii Fit? You said you've only lost a pound, but do you think it will pay off in the end?


Jeanne Elle said...

I really do.

I think part of what has slowed my progress is that my calorie counts are simply not low enough.

Meanwhile, after having the Wii Fit for only a couple of weeks, I feel more energetic, more flexible, and stronger. Plus my pants are bit looser, so I think things are tightening up a bit.

Mind you, I've been using it every day for about an hour, and I've been focusing on running, strength and yoga. If you used it 2 or 3 times a week for just, say, the balance exercises, I don't think you'd get very far.

Anonymous said...

Bookmarked this. Thank you for sharing. Definitely advantage my time.

CaloriesShifting said...

It is so nice to see more and more people talking about calorie shifting diet plans. It is not commonly known that it is not the amount of calories you eat that make you gain weight, it is the amount you lack that slows the metabolism down and cant do any more.

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