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One Bite At A Time

Eating radish leaves in olive oil and drinking rosemary tea... actually craving a venti Starbucks matcha latte. What the heck, baby steps, right?



Yeah I'm still here. Still at the same weight. I suppose it could be worse, as I'm not gaining.

Summer is coming, so that will mean lots of time outdoors :-) I can't wait!



Alrighty, so I said to my husband "I need sugar-free snacks - can you buy me nuts or something?" (Oh yes, I think I mentioned this in my last post). I am now completely addicted to Kirkland's Trail Mix. It does have some sugar in it as it contains M&Ms and raisins, but it is mostly nuts.

Now I'm thinking that I'M the one who's nuts, because I've been consuming at least 1,000 calories per day of this stuff.

Enough said...



I'm on an anti-sugar campaign. I've always been a sweet junkie, and I'm now trying to change that. I'm paying closer attention to the hidden sources of sugar and trying to avoid them as much as I can.

This is not as easy as it sounds... at my request for sugar free snacks, my husband brought home trail mix, which although is mostly nuts, contained M&Ms and raisins. Even the bag of plain Almonds he bought listed sugar in the nutritional summary (2g per 50g of almonds).

An easy way to visualize the sugar content in food is to consider that 1 tsp of sugar contains 4g. That means that the small (591 ml) bottle of Gatorade my husband was drinking contains 9 tsp of sugar!!! Yikes.


Eating Too Quickly

Here's a good article I'm reading:

I LOVE lists, and this writer spells out 50 weight loss tips that helped him. Tip #35 makes me chuckle: "remember that the fork is not a shovel". When I read that I laughed out loud (as in, oops - he's writing about me!!!)

I eat much too quickly. I have this strange mindset that I need to finish quickly before the food gets taken away, like I'm a puppy in a litter of ten or something (in reality I was an only child until I was almost eight). I'm very task oriented, like eating is an objective that I need to quickly accomplish. I power my way through my serving, then feel like I've missed out because I ate it too quickly to enjoy it, so I serve myself more.

I've tried eating slowly, but then I feel this almost competitive urge to eat more of what's available than everyone else. I'm not sure why, but now that I'm aware of that point, I can try and figure out something to counteract it...



Alrighty then. So much for that theory. Mind you, I guess you're not supposed to put chocolate syrup and chocolate chips in the yogurt... !!

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