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Frankly My Dear...

Grooaaaan.... Aw, what the (bleep) kind of a post title was that (sorry) lol

I'm obsessing over Frank's RedHot sauce at the moment. I absolutely love the stuff (yum!!!!). Hubby wanted me to make him some chili for lunches (to which I added home grown zucchini puree - SHHH, I think he's getting suspicious), so of course out came the Franks. Seriously, I could drink the stuff (and it's only 1 calorie per 5 ml!!! Is it sad that I know that?). Anyway.

Ahhhh... Frank's. Literally, a measurable percentage of my waking hours is spent looking for things I can eat with it (hmm!! Stoned Wheat Thin??).

Another yummy treat, if you like hot stuff, is peppers and cheese: I take Bick's Pickled Pepper Rings (we buy the large 2L glass jar, because unlike most who use them sparingly, I eat them alone as food) and mix them with that Panago cheddar dip (which I also purchase by the jar - I'm sure you're seeing a trend here). Honestly, though - SO good....

Never mind that "last ten pounds" bit - I should have called this my "foods that I am obsessively fanatical about" blog...


Taking A Cue From My Kids

(I'm still here!!)

My kids can't sit still. I know most kids are like that, but my daughter, in particular, is absolutely driven to movement. She wiggles and jiggles and squirms, and is fanatical about climbing. The monkey bars at school are her second home.

My son runs. As soon as we open the door to take his sister to school, he bolts to the sidewalk. I have to constantly call him back. He's getting very good at stopping once he's about thirty feet ahead and turning around to check on us.

I was doing laundry the other day and he wanted to help. Not wanting to overload his little arms, I gave him one towel and instructed him to take it upstairs and put it in the linen closet. Thud thud thud up the stairs he ran (giggling madly), and then back down again, arms out for more. OK! Here's a pair of socks - for your sock drawer. Thud thud thud...

Yup, they're lean, as are 98% of the kids in my daughter's school. The buzzer goes, and they all come out, loaded down by backpacks almost as big as they are. They dump these off at their adults' feet, then rush off to the playground, for some after school, calorie burning, fun. The not-so-lean adults stand and watch.



Green Light For The Stew

Ha! They ALL ate it (the green stew). Ate it, liked it, and were none the wiser....


Green Stew

Or should I say FOAMY green stew. Thank goodness the olive oil that I put in it caused all the green stuff to foam at the surface so that I could scoop some out, otherwise my hubby would never eat it.

Seriously, it was GREEN. That's what happens, I suppose, when you blend fresh leaves of sage, savory, rosemary, basil and thyme, along with about a cup of green onions (all from the garden). I'm sure the pureed broccoli didn't help either... lol.

Hey, it's his fault!!!! Without me and my trickery, he wouldn't have lived past 40 (he's 43 now). I'm sure some of the nutrients were lost when I scooped out the green foam, but he'll get more than he would have otherwise.

As for "non-green", there's cauliflower, zucchini and carrots in there as well. However, all he will see is big chunks of meat and potatoes in brown gravy...

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