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Are Salads Really Diet Food?

Are salads really diet food?...

I'm addressing the misconception that just because something is called a "salad", it must be good for weight loss.

It comes down to common sense. If you order something with "salad" in the name at a restaurant and your plate arrives containing cheese, egg, and processed ham along with some lettuce, it's more than likely going to sabotage your diet efforts.

On the other hand, if it truly is light and low cal (greens & veggies with no dressing), it can't be ALL that you eat or your metabolism will shut down.

Two of my own friends have complained in the past about being unable to lose weight even though they "eat mostly salads". I wonder if they were focusing on the name and not content (what was IN those salads), or if they were not seeing the big picture (what else were they eating). In any case, the whole salad thing warrants a closer look...

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