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Is it bad...

...that I keep ending my posts with "wish me luck" ???



Krispy Kreme Weight Loss Diet

OK there is no such thing. This is just my dream.


My Dad is in town, and Hubby bought a box of "A Diet's Achilles Heel" (aka Krispy Kreme donuts). So far I've had only one and a half donuts, which for me is AMAZING restraint.

Wish me luck...


More Resisting Temptation

Ha!! Bought a new box of Halloween candy to replace the one that Hubby opened and, uh, (cough cough) ate.

This time, if I hide it so he won't open it, I won't scarf it all down...

Wish me luck!!!


Resisting Temptation


OK, since DH opened the box of Halloween candy, most of it has been eaten by yours truly. I keep meaning to hide it somewhere, but I always grab a handful first, lol.

At least it's still high up on the shelf where the kids can see it, which makes it harder for me to sneak some. Maybe I should keep the box in Alyssa's room - she's the one with the will power...

Slim Down With Vitamin C

Interesting tip: the You Docs (Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen) say that Vitamin C can help you lose weight. Apparently this is because Vitamin C is vital for the production of carnitine, which turns fat into fuel.

Good to know...


How Many Calories Are In Pumpkin Pie?

...and what exactly was the damage from my holiday indulging?

I found this web page, which quotes a big whopping 56 calories. Not bad until you look at the serving size, which is 1oz.

(oops ;-)


5 Things I Am Thankful For :-)

Let's face it, I'm really thankful for chocolate and sushi, but let's see if I can make it work for this blog:


1) I'm thankful that I enjoy walking, even in the rain

2) I'm thankful that my kids are naturally active so I have to spend time chasing them ;-)

3) I'm thankful I have a dog to walk every night

4) I'm thankful to be a stay at home Mom, which gives me time to prepare healthy meals and to grow a garden

5) Oh yeah... I'm thankful for my Magic Bullet!!!! (lol)

(Now can I have some chocolate??)


Nothing To Eat Past 8:00 PM

This one is really hard for me.

Sometimes I can do it - if I get caught up in one of my projects and forget to snack, but most of the time it's a struggle. I think because the "kids in bed time" is strongly associated with treats for me.

Plus there's that darn TV thing, with all those shows that call to you: "Come watch me!!! You've worked hard all day!!! Pour yourself a nice big bowl of ice cream and get comfy on the couch!!!!"


A friend of mine lost about 30 lbs, and all she did was stop eating past 8:00 pm. At the time she was living with a man who had a bad snack-in-front-of-the-tube habit. She'd sit and snack with him... once she was able to say "no thanks" on a consistent basis, and disconnect herself from that routine, the weight melted off her.

Important to note is that was the only change that she made. There was no increase in exercise, no modification to her daytime diet. She simply identified her problem area and addressed it, rather than turning her whole life upside down.

For myself, if I can string together 3-5 days in a row of no late evening snacking, I drop 2 or 3 pounds. It's the "days in a row" that I have the problem with, lol. I keep trying, though, because it`s only one hurdle to overcome, rather than many.


Trick Yourself Into A Smaller Serving...

...with a smaller plate. I kept hearing about this one and finally tried it myself, and it worked.

I recently watched a televised weight loss series with Paul McKenna, and one of the topics he covered was how food appearance affects hunger. He conducted an experiment where he told people to eat until they felt full. He repeated the exercise with subjects who were blindfolded, and found that these folks felt full a lot sooner, and ate a lot less, when they couldn't see the food.

The "empty the plate" mentality is a big culprit for overeating. If you use a smaller plate with less food on it, and the serving dishes are in the kitchen instead of at the table in front of you, chances are you may skip a second helping and eat less than if you had put more food on a larger plate.


Pondering Pork

I just don't get it. Pork, I mean. I really really don't understand why people buy it, eat it and then cook it. Blech.

The only pork I've ever liked was a roast I tried a long time ago... slow cooked with an entire jar of sauerkraut dumped on it. Yum. Hubby won't touch that with a ten foot fork. In fact, he ran screaming from the house, tearing madly at his hair, the last time I suggested it.


No, my spouse likes Shake 'n Bake on his pork chops. I'm not kidding. Trust me, I wish I was.

So after much surfing (and head shaking), I came up with something simple, involving olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, that I think he'll eat and I might be able to choke back.

I let you know how it goes...


Out Of Ice Cream

Hopefully hubby doesn't buy anymore next time he shops, 'cause this could be key for my weight loss goal ;-)

(What? Oh come on, who has will power, anyway?) Sheesh.


One Change At A Time

I've heard it takes two weeks to make or break a habit. This might explain why weight loss that takes longer is more likely to stick.

If your diet plan consists of small changes, one at a time, you're less likely to feel overwhelmed. If you can maintain each change for at least two weeks before introducing a new one, you're more likely to form new beneficial habits, rather than constantly struggling and giving up.

My example: putting sugar in my coffee.

One day it occurred to me the amount of refined sugar I was drinking in coffee, so I decided to look for an alternative. I went out of my way to research coffee brewing techniques and flavouring ideas, such as cinnamon, vanilla, and so on.

I was so caught up in experimenting with flavours that the "two weeks" flew by, and sure enough, now I drink sugarless coffee all the time. Adding sugar has become weird to me.

Now if I had tried removing sugar from my daily java while making a bunch of other changes at once, it might not have been as easy. One change at a time appears to be the key to my success.


Ha! Lost Two Pounds :-)

I've changed my focus.

Instead of looking at the total amount I need/want to lose (about 15 lbs), I've broken it down into small categories. It's soooooo much easier when it's a small amount.

So at this point, I've achieved 2 pounds out of my 5 pound goal. Wahooo!!! Once I lose the next three, then I'll set a new goal...

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