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Yogurt and Weight Loss

This is interesting... the theory that probiotics can help you lose weight. Supposedly the bacteria in your intestines can affect how many calories you actually take in, so if you eat yogurt to add the right kind of bacteria, you'll be more successful in your weight loss efforts. (I knew I liked yogurt for a reason!)

What's even more interesting is that according to this article, yogurt seems to target abdominal fat (although in this case they cite the calcium as being the factor as opposed to the probiotics).

Supposedly eating yogurt three times a day is more beneficial than once, and the type of yogurt matters - as in, you want to read the label and consider the amount of sugar that is present. Greek style yogurt is recommended because it has more protein and fewer additives.

Sounds good to me. I like yogurt, and adding more of something healthy to my diet can't hurt. Too bad all of this wasn't true about ice cream as well ;-)


Lost Vegas!!

I lost three pounds in Vegas. YAY!!

(I wish my casino losses were that small!)

I attribute the weight loss to the fact that when you're in a hotel on the strip, the only thing that's affordable is the free booze while you gamble.

Not that I didn't eat (omg, me?? Not eat?? Not flippin' likely!), but the food wasn't nearly the focus there as it is at home. Here I come home to the house and start grazing. In Vegas I'd come home to a hotel room where room service cost a fortune, so I'd wait until the next outing to grab a bite.

Hey!! Does this mean I should move into a hotel permanently? I don't know if my husband would agree. Maybe what I need to do is travel more, to firmly establish the connection between hotel stays and weight loss ;-)


Vacation Time

We leave for vacation this Sunday... yippee - relaxation and indulgence, and... calories!!! The upside is that we're only gone for four days, so I'll be back soon to continue my, uh,
"undieting" ;-) Who knows, maybe this vacation will help me recharge and refocus...

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