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Have I mentioned that I've been focusing on breakfast lately? I eat something simple, like peanut butter and jam on whole wheat bread, or a banana and homemade granola bar. I've noticed it has made a tremendous difference in the rate at which I put on pounds when I don't need to.

They say that eating breakfast increases your metabolism. It does seem unlikely - aren't calories the same no matter when you eat them? I've found it does make a difference though. When I eat breakfast, I don't gain back those "slip up" 2-5 pounds nearly as easily.

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Attack of the Spam Monster

Hi everyone! I just wanted to offer a quick apology to anyone who may have commented on this blog and not seen their comment appear... this blog seems to have been attacked and taken over by spam comments, and there are so many that sometimes I miss a legitimate comment in my efforts to delete and clean up.

If you left a legit comment and I've deleted it by mistake, my sincere apologies.

Happy reading everyone :)

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