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A Blessing in Disguise?

I chipped a molar.

Actually that sounds better than the truth, which is probably that the tooth broke apart because it was more filling than tooth, and probably needs a crown.

It doesn't hurt, but now I'm afraid to eat anything that requires chewing. This is not necessarily helpful to my "diet", as ice cream doesn't require teeth. It should, however, cut back on my snacking a bit.

Tomorrow I'm going to call my dentist and see when I can go in to get it fixed. This may not happen as quickly as I'd like, since we're going to Vegas in about a week and a half, for four days. I'm hoping that nothing else happens to the tooth in the meantime, in case I can't get an appointment until we return. I'm not really too keen on being south of the border with a dental emergency.

If only there was pain. It would serve as a helpful reminder, and deter me from chewing... (Honestly, I'm kidding).

Here's to a few weeks of careful eating, more thorough brushing, and good luck in getting a dentist appointment soon...

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