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Nothing To Eat Past 8:00 PM

This one is really hard for me.

Sometimes I can do it - if I get caught up in one of my projects and forget to snack, but most of the time it's a struggle. I think because the "kids in bed time" is strongly associated with treats for me.

Plus there's that darn TV thing, with all those shows that call to you: "Come watch me!!! You've worked hard all day!!! Pour yourself a nice big bowl of ice cream and get comfy on the couch!!!!"


A friend of mine lost about 30 lbs, and all she did was stop eating past 8:00 pm. At the time she was living with a man who had a bad snack-in-front-of-the-tube habit. She'd sit and snack with him... once she was able to say "no thanks" on a consistent basis, and disconnect herself from that routine, the weight melted off her.

Important to note is that was the only change that she made. There was no increase in exercise, no modification to her daytime diet. She simply identified her problem area and addressed it, rather than turning her whole life upside down.

For myself, if I can string together 3-5 days in a row of no late evening snacking, I drop 2 or 3 pounds. It's the "days in a row" that I have the problem with, lol. I keep trying, though, because it`s only one hurdle to overcome, rather than many.

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