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4 Ways To Curb Late Night Snacking

I am once again struggling with late night snacking. Yesterday, for example, I inhaled about 600 calories worth of crap after midnight (toyed with the idea of adding it to today's calorie count, then thought the better of it ;)

If it's late enough at night, my resolve weakens and I simply don't care. I want the bleepin' cookies, and nothing will stop me from eating them! So there ;) Last night it was Oreos, as well as a couple of chewy chocolate covered caramel granola bars (blissful sigh).


Ok. Here's what I need to do:

1) Go to bed earlier, before the madness has a chance to start.

2) Hide the crap. DH buys it for the kids as treats, but telling me to keep my hands off it is like telling him he can't smoke, and leaving a pack with a lighter on the counter in plain view. Ya right.

3) Brush my teeth earlier (like, when I'm finished eating dinner, as opposed to right before bed).

4) Chew more gum. Gum gum gum. Gum.

That might help. Tonight I think I'll start with #1 (yaaaawn :)

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I'm Baaaack... Or Should I Say My APPETITE Is

Don't you love it when a post title tells it all? I pretty much don't have to write anything else at this point ;)

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Caught Me A Bug

I'm soooo dedicated that I even counted my calories in the midst of illness. Ha ha.

I've caught some kind of intestinal bug, complete with fever and headache and an intense dislike of anything edible!! (This is not how you want to lose weight, but hey, let me have my silver lining ;) I'm still not 100% better, but hopefully I'll feel normal again soon.

I have even challenged myself to a cup of coffee today (my favourite thing in the WHOLE WILD WORLD), but so far haven't had the nerve to grind the beans. The thought of the smell kind of scares me a bit.

This is also the first time I've gone near my laptop in about 72 hours - that alone speaks volumes about how crappy I've felt. Even now as I type, my fingers feel kind of strange.

I did a Wii Fit body test this morning (I felt like I could stand up long enough ;) and while I won't tell you how much weight I've lost 'cause "illness weight loss" doesn't count, I will say that my Wii Fit age was 12 years less than my actual age! Too funny. I should get sick more often ;)

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The Cookies Chased Me

They did!!! I ran as fast as I could, but they trapped me in the kitchen.

Lesson: put them away somewhere where they're harder to reach.

Last night I was ending the day at about 1,900 calories, when I dozed off on the couch. I woke up half asleep and wandered through the kitchen, and you guessed it - found the cookies (600 calories may be a bit more than what I actually ate - these were homemade cookies and I had four or five, but they had almond slices, so who knows).

I could say that I was half asleep so my resolve was not there, but that would just be an excuse. I'm the one who put the cookies on an easy to reach pantry shelf. I could put them up high so that I need a chair to get them, or I could put them in the basement, or... you get the idea.

Bottom line is, if you have moments when will power alone will not suffice, changing your environment can work.

On a good note - I lost another pound! That's 2 pounds in just shy of 2 weeks, and that's with an average of about 2,200 calories per day. I'll take that :)

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Should I Lower My Caloric Target?


It's a tough call, because on the one hand, having a flexible, reasonably easy target makes me more likely to want to continue long term, but on the other hand, I tend to not take it as seriously.

If I lowered my calorie target range to, say, 1,200-1,700 would I continually be demoralized and give up all together, or would I start losing weight a little faster? 2,000 calories is a lot for someone trying to lose a few pounds.


I did :45 on Wii Fit today, which is good. I usually try and put in at least an hour, but I was short on time today. I did a :10 run instead of :20, and I skipped some of the Yoga and strength exercises, as well as shortening some of them from the maximum reps that I usually do. I have to fit in the exercise whenever I can, otherwise if I wait until I have "enough time to do a full workout", I'll never work out.


I'm contemplating a new daily target of 1,400-1,900 calories. I'll let you know what I decide...

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Calorie Shifting

Hmmm... it appears as though my inability to stick to below 2,000 calories for any length of time has a name: calorie shifting!! lol

I've heard of the merits of this before: basically it refers to changing your daily intake levels to trick your metabolism. If you eat low cal for too long, your metabolic rate eventually slows to match the level of incoming calories.

I honestly think my calorie levels are a bit to high for this though. The bottom line is that calories consumed have to be processed by your body, and at my current rate (see top left side bar of blog for my daily counts) I'm averaging about 2,227 (I took the last 7 days, added them up with a value of 3,000 for the jujube and Easter days, and then divided by 7). In the past my weight maintenance level has been between 2,500 - 2,700, so I can still lose weight if I continue this way, but it will be extremely slow.

That being said, I firmly believe that calorie shifting, if done properly, can really work. Here are some links for further reading:

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Wii Fitastic :)

I haven't really lost that much weight since getting Wii Fit (maybe a pound) but I feel like I'm getting fit. Watching my 6 year old do yoga has been fun too :)

This is how my Wii Fit work out typically goes:

1) I start with a run (today it was a 20 minute "free run", in which I broke the 4 mile mark, wahoo!! :) Ironically I only got 3 stars for that, while in previous runs I've gotten four. I think it's because my speed was inconsistent because I was too caught up in the "miles" thing.

2) I then work my way through all the strength exercises, only once each, maximum reps that I have open.

3) Then I do all the Yoga poses, again once each, maximum reps that I have open.

4) Today I ended with Lotus Focus, mainly because it involved sitting reeeeally still, which is perfect when I'm tired!!

It's interesting how some things are easier than others. The push-up side plank exercise is sheer torture for me, and I quite often skip it. The plank, on the other hand, is not that bad. I guess they're not as similar as they seem to be. My Yoga "Warrior" pose always gets me 4 stars, but the "Triangle" pose is brutally hard. I can never seem to match the on screen trainer, so I fake that one to get a good score ;)

I find the strength ones are easier once you're warmed up from a run, and the Yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and cool down. The balance exercises are fun, but I don't think I get much out of them (other than fun) so I invest less of my precious time doing them. (My four year old, on the other hand, is obsessed by Table Tilt... I swear I hear its music in my sleep.)

What about you - if you have Wii Fit, how do you typically use it?

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Why I Love Wii Fit

Wii fit is fabulous, because most of the activities involve using the balance board, which means you have to be standing up, or at the very least, off the couch. Anyone who has Wii Sport has no doubt figured out that the majority of those games can be played while seated.

My husband is about 6'2", and you wouldn't think of him as being overweight. He's getting a bit thick in the middle, but not so much that you would estimate his BMI as being too high (he hides it well).

To use Wii Fit, you have to set up a user profile (you can't just pick a Mii and go for it). Your user profile involves an age, height and weight analysis that gives you your BMI and your "Wii Fit Age".

DD was playing the tightrope walk game (under balance training), and wanted her Daddy to have a turn. Rather than simply using her profile (which would have resulted in "your weight is quite a bit different than last time! Do you want to continue?"), he set up his own profile. Guess what he got? "Overweight" BMI!! Wake up call? (How nice for him to have this awareness before it gets out of hand! FYI he's 6'2" 227 lbs, which is not too out of range).

Later that night we had beef dip sandwiches, and he had only one, instead of his usual two ;)

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Wii Fit

I LOVE it so far, partly because it says I'm about 3 pounds lighter than my bathroom scale does.


I got it on April 9th, set up my profile, and went to The Keg for dinner that night with DH and friends. The next day when I stepped on the Wii Fit balance board, it told me I was +2 pounds.


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3 Ways To Make Running Easier

I love running, and it's an effective calorie burner, but man oh man is it hard work if you're not in shape!! Here are 3 simple things you can do to make it less painful if you're just starting out:

1) Stretch before and after. It doesn't have to be for very long, or be very involved, but a quick minute or so of gentle stretching before and after you run will go a long way in maintaining flexibility and reducing soreness.

2) Ease in and out of your run slowly. Once you've stretched, start running slowly and gradually increase your speed, but only to the level you're comfortable with. If you experience discomfort, ease up a bit. (Don't hesitate to walk for a bit if you need to.) Near the end of your run, slow your speed down, and allow some distance at the end for a walking cool down period. This will allow your heart rate to gradually reduce to a normal level. Remember, it takes time to get fit enough to run non-stop at a significant speed.

3) Use slow, controlled breathing. Resist the urge to pant in time to your pounding feet! Take long, slow breaths. If you feel yourself getting overworked, slow your breathing down.

The health impacts of running are many, and if done properly, it can be as enjoyable as it is beneficial.

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Counting KFC Calories


I don't really believe that a KFC drumstick is only 160 calories... I called it 300 just to be on the safe side. DH went out and grabbed some KFC, with strict instructions from me to not get any extras. No salads, or deserts of any kind. And only ONE drumstick for me.

Ok I ate one fry too. Just one. So I figure that 300 calories is a fair, safe guess. Oh, here's the website that the screen shot below is from. Since it clearly says "Kfc", am I to assume their calorie count includes the deep fried batter? To me a plain drumstick would be 160. Oh well.

The fact remains, whether the 160 is right or wrong, that if it weren't for the calorie counting, I would have eaten 4 or 5 pieces, and not just one. It all works out for the better, even if the count is slightly off...

(LOL notice the nutritional grade? Lucky I had that banana this morning ;)

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Yesterday: 1,655

Hmmm, not much healthy stuff yesterday, other than a Greek salad and a banana.

I had two cookies, two candies, birthday cake, pizza, Bailey's in my coffee, to name some... yeesh. Good thing for the multivitamin ;) The one drawback to calorie counting is that if you indulge in treats like I did yesterday, you don't really have room for healthy calories. This is one of the reasons that I count raw veggies as zero cals. You have to have treats every now and then, because if you don't, you won't want to continue dieting.

Of course, that being said, I didn't eat any raw veggies yesterday!! LOL. What the heck - it all balances out :)

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6 Pounds Down!

I haven't been weighing myself regularly because my scale is a little unreliable for small changes. However when I stepped on it several times this morning and each time it showed my weight to be just shy of 140 (as opposed to lingering around 145 a short while ago), it seems pretty clear that some weight has legitimately come off.


Must keep going... 15 more to go!

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Yesterday: 1,670

Being busy definitely helps! I eat so much more when I'm bored. Yesterday we had stuff going on with the kids so I was out of the house quite a bit.

I usually recap healthy stuff I've eaten but yesterday there wasn't much. I suppose it depends on your standards. Some people might think that frozen pepperoni pizza includes enough of the food groups to be healthy ;)

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April Fools: 3,195

Except I'm not fooling. It started off as "oh I might be a bit high in my count today" and ended up more than a bit high!!

In the past I've had trouble rebounding after slips, and the ability to do so is crucial for an effective weight loss plan. You have to get back on track.

The interesting thing about yesterday, though, is that I found myself deliberately eating more, with the intent of testing myself on April 2 (as in, can I get back on track). I know how to count and measure calories, I know how to log what I eat, I know how to make healthy choices, I just don't know how to motivate myself to continue. So yesterday it was almost as if I was trying to push myself off track to teach myself how to get back on. The difference? Control.

Irony being what it is, I stepped on my slightly wacky and unreliable scale this morning and it looks as though I've lost two pounds. Yippee :)

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