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Sunday Night Weigh-In

Omg!!!! I don't believe it:

130 (-1 pound)

I say I don't believe it because I have not really altered my eating at all. I've not been controlling portion sizes or watching the quality of food going into my mouth.

What may have made the difference was that my kids started swimming lessons this week, and since I don't drive, that means more walking.

My husband and many of my friends keep telling me how much easier my life would be if I started driving again, but at the age of 40 I'm starting to really pay attention to the pitfalls of a sedentary life style. I'm afraid to drive because if I do, my fitness level will go downhill pretty darn quick. Sure it's easy enough to say "go to the gym", but how many people actually do? I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to find the time or the energy. But if my kids need to get to their swimming lessons and it's only ten blocks away, walking them there is something I will do.

Here's to at least one more pound off in the week to come!

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