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April Fools: 3,195

Except I'm not fooling. It started off as "oh I might be a bit high in my count today" and ended up more than a bit high!!

In the past I've had trouble rebounding after slips, and the ability to do so is crucial for an effective weight loss plan. You have to get back on track.

The interesting thing about yesterday, though, is that I found myself deliberately eating more, with the intent of testing myself on April 2 (as in, can I get back on track). I know how to count and measure calories, I know how to log what I eat, I know how to make healthy choices, I just don't know how to motivate myself to continue. So yesterday it was almost as if I was trying to push myself off track to teach myself how to get back on. The difference? Control.

Irony being what it is, I stepped on my slightly wacky and unreliable scale this morning and it looks as though I've lost two pounds. Yippee :)

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