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Why I Love Wii Fit

Wii fit is fabulous, because most of the activities involve using the balance board, which means you have to be standing up, or at the very least, off the couch. Anyone who has Wii Sport has no doubt figured out that the majority of those games can be played while seated.

My husband is about 6'2", and you wouldn't think of him as being overweight. He's getting a bit thick in the middle, but not so much that you would estimate his BMI as being too high (he hides it well).

To use Wii Fit, you have to set up a user profile (you can't just pick a Mii and go for it). Your user profile involves an age, height and weight analysis that gives you your BMI and your "Wii Fit Age".

DD was playing the tightrope walk game (under balance training), and wanted her Daddy to have a turn. Rather than simply using her profile (which would have resulted in "your weight is quite a bit different than last time! Do you want to continue?"), he set up his own profile. Guess what he got? "Overweight" BMI!! Wake up call? (How nice for him to have this awareness before it gets out of hand! FYI he's 6'2" 227 lbs, which is not too out of range).

Later that night we had beef dip sandwiches, and he had only one, instead of his usual two ;)

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