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Wii Fitastic :)

I haven't really lost that much weight since getting Wii Fit (maybe a pound) but I feel like I'm getting fit. Watching my 6 year old do yoga has been fun too :)

This is how my Wii Fit work out typically goes:

1) I start with a run (today it was a 20 minute "free run", in which I broke the 4 mile mark, wahoo!! :) Ironically I only got 3 stars for that, while in previous runs I've gotten four. I think it's because my speed was inconsistent because I was too caught up in the "miles" thing.

2) I then work my way through all the strength exercises, only once each, maximum reps that I have open.

3) Then I do all the Yoga poses, again once each, maximum reps that I have open.

4) Today I ended with Lotus Focus, mainly because it involved sitting reeeeally still, which is perfect when I'm tired!!

It's interesting how some things are easier than others. The push-up side plank exercise is sheer torture for me, and I quite often skip it. The plank, on the other hand, is not that bad. I guess they're not as similar as they seem to be. My Yoga "Warrior" pose always gets me 4 stars, but the "Triangle" pose is brutally hard. I can never seem to match the on screen trainer, so I fake that one to get a good score ;)

I find the strength ones are easier once you're warmed up from a run, and the Yoga is a wonderful way to stretch and cool down. The balance exercises are fun, but I don't think I get much out of them (other than fun) so I invest less of my precious time doing them. (My four year old, on the other hand, is obsessed by Table Tilt... I swear I hear its music in my sleep.)

What about you - if you have Wii Fit, how do you typically use it?

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