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Counting KFC Calories


I don't really believe that a KFC drumstick is only 160 calories... I called it 300 just to be on the safe side. DH went out and grabbed some KFC, with strict instructions from me to not get any extras. No salads, or deserts of any kind. And only ONE drumstick for me.

Ok I ate one fry too. Just one. So I figure that 300 calories is a fair, safe guess. Oh, here's the website that the screen shot below is from. Since it clearly says "Kfc", am I to assume their calorie count includes the deep fried batter? To me a plain drumstick would be 160. Oh well.

The fact remains, whether the 160 is right or wrong, that if it weren't for the calorie counting, I would have eaten 4 or 5 pieces, and not just one. It all works out for the better, even if the count is slightly off...

(LOL notice the nutritional grade? Lucky I had that banana this morning ;)

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