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Caught Me A Bug

I'm soooo dedicated that I even counted my calories in the midst of illness. Ha ha.

I've caught some kind of intestinal bug, complete with fever and headache and an intense dislike of anything edible!! (This is not how you want to lose weight, but hey, let me have my silver lining ;) I'm still not 100% better, but hopefully I'll feel normal again soon.

I have even challenged myself to a cup of coffee today (my favourite thing in the WHOLE WILD WORLD), but so far haven't had the nerve to grind the beans. The thought of the smell kind of scares me a bit.

This is also the first time I've gone near my laptop in about 72 hours - that alone speaks volumes about how crappy I've felt. Even now as I type, my fingers feel kind of strange.

I did a Wii Fit body test this morning (I felt like I could stand up long enough ;) and while I won't tell you how much weight I've lost 'cause "illness weight loss" doesn't count, I will say that my Wii Fit age was 12 years less than my actual age! Too funny. I should get sick more often ;)

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