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Should I Lower My Caloric Target?


It's a tough call, because on the one hand, having a flexible, reasonably easy target makes me more likely to want to continue long term, but on the other hand, I tend to not take it as seriously.

If I lowered my calorie target range to, say, 1,200-1,700 would I continually be demoralized and give up all together, or would I start losing weight a little faster? 2,000 calories is a lot for someone trying to lose a few pounds.


I did :45 on Wii Fit today, which is good. I usually try and put in at least an hour, but I was short on time today. I did a :10 run instead of :20, and I skipped some of the Yoga and strength exercises, as well as shortening some of them from the maximum reps that I usually do. I have to fit in the exercise whenever I can, otherwise if I wait until I have "enough time to do a full workout", I'll never work out.


I'm contemplating a new daily target of 1,400-1,900 calories. I'll let you know what I decide...

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