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4 Ways To Curb Late Night Snacking

I am once again struggling with late night snacking. Yesterday, for example, I inhaled about 600 calories worth of crap after midnight (toyed with the idea of adding it to today's calorie count, then thought the better of it ;)

If it's late enough at night, my resolve weakens and I simply don't care. I want the bleepin' cookies, and nothing will stop me from eating them! So there ;) Last night it was Oreos, as well as a couple of chewy chocolate covered caramel granola bars (blissful sigh).


Ok. Here's what I need to do:

1) Go to bed earlier, before the madness has a chance to start.

2) Hide the crap. DH buys it for the kids as treats, but telling me to keep my hands off it is like telling him he can't smoke, and leaving a pack with a lighter on the counter in plain view. Ya right.

3) Brush my teeth earlier (like, when I'm finished eating dinner, as opposed to right before bed).

4) Chew more gum. Gum gum gum. Gum.

That might help. Tonight I think I'll start with #1 (yaaaawn :)

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Jasmin said...

Gum works wonders!
i always chew on gum when im cooking, it stops me from munching on the food im preparing, so i eat less =]

Anonymous said...

I *almost* sleep walk at night to get munchies at night. My current solution is to buy Walgreen's fiber chocolate roll up desserts, or buy healthy vegetarian, vegan deserts such as carrot cake sugared with agave nectar. Or Joseph's sugar free cookies (for persons with diabetes).

I need a sugar fix at night!

Jeanne Elle said...

Jasmin - I can relate!! I chew gum when I'm fixing food for the kids - it stops me from doing things like licking the peanut butter off the spoon, etc. Sometime I throw out the gum though. sigh!! lol

Anonymous - me too - it doesn't seem to matter how strong my resolve is in the morning - by late night, my snack drive has a mind of its own and rules me. The upside, I suppose, is at least I know where I'm going wrong!

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