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Day 2 Of My 2009 New Year's Resolution!!


Day one was easy, because there's nothing like waking up tired and, uh, overindulged from New Year's Eve to curb your appetite. Now here we are on jolly ol' Day 2, with me being rested and feeling like my old self - my old piggly wiggly self!!!

I've not done too badly. For instance, instead of diving head first into the left over chocolate covered almonds (even I, with all my pigout prowess, failed to eradicate them by January 1st), I instead sucked on two brazil nut flavoured toffees. That's right - only two!!!! Yay me.

Sucked - as in, no chewing allowed!!! My new diet strategy: whatever treat I pop into my mouth has to last as long as takes for it to dissolve on my tongue (because asking me to NOT have treats at all is like asking the dog to not bark at his ball).

Hey why not? It's worth a try.
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