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Yesterday`s final tally: 1,618 Calories :-)

That works for me! You can lose weight faster if you get a bit lower (closer to 1,200), but for me at 1,600 the weight will still come off.

Why I was able to succeed:
  • I chewed a lot of sugar free gum!! lol.
  • I ate fresh fruit, which gives your body nutrients, thereby reducing your hunger.
  • For dinner I had a can of chicken noodle soup, which is filling, but only about 150 calories. (I wouldn`t eat canned soup every day because of the sodium - sometime this week I`ll probably make some homemade veggie soup - but in a pinch it`s quick and easy, and the calorie count is right there on the label).
  • I did have 100 calories worth of candy, but I made it last by sucking on the candy rather than chewing it.
  • I drank green tea (clear with no sweetener) in the evening, when I usually get the urge to snack.
So far so good! Today will be just as successful :-)
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