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Day 2 Of My Diet

Yesterday`s final tally: 1,543 Calories :-)

So far so good! It's easy to string two or three good days together, but making them the rule instead of the exception is the real challenge.

Why I was able to succeed:
  • Dry Cheerios: sometimes I just need something to put in my mouth, and these are relatively low cal., and a good source of several essential nutrients.
  • Tuna mixed with green beans: I love green beans because they're filling but have so few calories! The tuna was for some protein, which is very filling and helps keep hunger at bay.
  • Yogurt: filling and satisfying, and a good source of probiotics and calcium.
  • Fresh fruit: nutrient dense and filling.
The above is only some of what I ate of course (just to be clear). Day 2 is under my belt - onto day 3!
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Teena in Toronto said...

I like crunchy snacks too ... so we eat a lot of popcorn and rice cakes.

JEANNE said...

Mmmmm... popcorn!! DH just went out and bought me an air popper tonight, so that I don't have to eat the calorie ridden microwave stuff. I can put butter or anything I want on it, or just eat it plain. Yippeeee...

I love rice cakes too - I know many people don't, but I think they're yummy when they're fresh.

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