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Yesterday: 1,510

The first day of calorie counting is always easy because at that point I'm pretty motivated. Yesterday I finished the day at 1,510 which definitely meets my daily goal of between 1,500-2,000.

In all honesty it may have been a bit higher, because I'm not sure of the size of the steak I ate last night. It was a New York, and it was kind of medium sized. I called it 550, and ate nothing else with it. This wasn't a huge sacrifice, since I'm a big steak fan and wasn't really interested in the side dish (pasta), so it was easy to skip. Mmmm... steak!!! Yum :)

Healthy stuff from yesterday include:
  • banana
  • egg
  • carrots
  • yogurt
  • blueberries

Does the cream in my coffee count as dairy? lol. I have 4 tbsp per cup, for 80 calories (no sugar). For those of you who can't imagine coffee without sugar, I can relate. I used to be like that as well, until I started paying careful attention to improving the quality of the brew itself. It makes a big difference! I still can't drink restaurant coffee without sugar. Blech.

Speaking of, I'm only at 360 calories so far today, so I might just go have another cup!

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IRJessica said...

Great tracking. Keep it up.

Jeanne Elle said...

Thanks :) At the moment I'm at 1,110 for today, but DH is bringing home Chinese food... yum!! I'm surfing the net for estimated caloric values so I know how much (or how little ;) I can eat!

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