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0 Cal Sweetener? New SoBe World Product Promotion

I posted this on my Cha-Ching blog as well ('cause it's in reference to a free product ;), but thought it was relevant here as well.

Today SoBe World is giving away free bottles of their 0 Cal Lifewater (U.S. only). Here's the link to find out more:

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Doctor John said...

Well... that might be a good idea for the alternative use of sugar, but since it's not really natural like the common sugar we're using in our tables, i think it might be bad for us even more. well... there's the saying that "everything in this world has its two sides" depends on the person what to take or not.

-Doctor John

Jeanne Elle said...

That's so true, isn't it - everyone has a different perspective. Sometimes it hard to know what the right answer is...

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