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3 Weight Loss Goals For Today

I need to remain focused!!

Sometimes I think having a relatively small amount to lose is harder (not that I'm complaining, by any means!). I take my hat off to those who have more to lose, who in a matter of mere weeks, lose the pounds that I just can't seem to shed. It's inspiring.

Anyway (speaking of focus ;) here are my three goals for today:

1) Resume calorie counting (I actually like doing this - my problem is that I'll have two or three bad days in a row and then just give up).

2) Write down what I eat (this goes hand in hand with the counting, but if you record the details, it helps you stick to healthier calories).

3) Spend a bit of time on the stationary bike (it's in the living room, in front of the TV! No excuses!)

There ya go! I have only about three months or so before bathing suit weather. Think I can actually do it this time?


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IRJessica said...

Want to feel even better? You might be suffering cold weather (having 3 months before swim suit season), but it started for us in the South a week ago. Yup, swim suit season. You know they make tankinis with skirt bottoms? Now if I can just get them to take the hem down to an appropriate (flattering on me that is) length... I 'm thinking mid-calf..

Hehe. Whatever, it's two peices, so I say I get credit for wearing a bikini, right?

Jeanne Elle said...

Ohhh... I want one!!! (tankini with a skirt bottom) And yes, that definitely qualifies as a two piece :) I need a "hidetherollsini", ha ha. I'm jealous that you guys have warm weather sooner, but on the other hand, I have longer to cover up ;)

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