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Today: 1,855

It would have been 1,655, 'cept for the 200 cals worth of Bailey's in my hot cocoa ;) What the heck. It's still within my target.

I ended up calling the ribs 600 cals - I'm not sure how close that is. I had four (each about 3 inches long). They were cooked on a rack so that the fat could drip, and they were seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper (so they were dry ribs). I had nothing else on my plate. My six year old asked me why I wasn't having rice, and that was a bit tricky to explain! She and her brother are both pretty lean. I told her that I didn't need the energy from the rice since I'm already grown, but that she and her brother need it to help them grow. I hope that was good enough.

Healthy stuff today:
  • whole grain toast with peanut butter
  • banana
  • apple
  • carrot

Not quite as much as usual, but not every day is perfect. So far now I've had three days within my target range, which I'll take!! My challenge comes when I have an off day - I have a hard time getting back in the swing of things the next day. It's almost as if overeating makes you hungrier.

I'm off to walk the dog... have a great night everyone :)

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