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OK, so here I am a few hours later, and my pedometer reads 10,795 clicks. Yowza. Uh-huh. I haven't left the house either, other than to walk the dog a few blocks. Seriously, 6 blocks. That's it.

Granted, I am a stay at home Mom rather than having a desk job, so I'm not exactly sedentary. I'm moving all day long.

Still, are 10,000 steps really that many? Maybe I should aim for 15,000. Hmmm....

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3BG said...

Hi, I see you visited me first! Good to see someone else sharing their thoughts in the weight loss torture. I had to enable comment moderation on my blog, because some jerk who knew me kept coming on and leaving nasty comments deriding other people with weight issues. I hope you enjoy the interaction as much as I do

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