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3 Savory Low Cal Substitutions

I'm switching my focus with this post from nutritional content (i.e. smoothies) to sheer caloric value.

Indulging your salty tooth doesn't have to be high calorie. Here are some low cal options I've enjoyed:

1) Rice cakes and salsa. The rice cakes will get soggy faster than the chips would, but it's still pretty good. OR... if you don't mind being totally unconventional, you can skip the rice cakes and eat the salsa with a spoon (hey, if people can eat high calorie peanut butter with a spoon, why not low cal, mild flavoured salsa??) YUM.

2) Pretzels. They're not as low cal as the salsa, but they're much better than potato chips.

3) Canned soup. I wouldn't eat this more than 2-3 times per week because of the sodium content, but it definitely can satisfy that savoury craving with a lot fewer calories than a burger and fries...

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