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Pedometer? Or Moveometer?

I read an article in the paper a few days ago about keeping fit, and using a pedometer to aim for 10,000 steps per day. It occurred to me that my mother in law had given me one a couple of years back (she'd gotten it free somewhere and wasn't using it), and suddenly I was motivated to venture downstairs to my office and dig through piles of stuff until I found it (which in itself promised to be a workout).

Unfortunately for my digging exercise plan, I found it almost right away. For some reason I had carefully deposited it on the top of my desk in a corner so that it could be easily found (and then left it there for about two years).

Interesting thing about pedometers - for those of you who've never tried one (today is my first time): it doesn't necessarily take a step to register a count. Here I was wondering if I'd have to stomp my way through the day to get my tally, but as it turns out, any kind of movement of the hips will do. Leaning, bending, moving in your chair... all will be counted. It's kind of like "dog years" vs calendar years: you have your pedometer count vs your actual steps.

What the heck - movement is movement. And you know what is interesting? Here I sit at 3:22 pm, after having worn this thing for several hours, and my count is only at 4,531. So I guess 10,000 "movements" is a worthy fitness objective after all...

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