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Oops, I Forgot The Best One!!!!

Omg, this one's my FAVOURITE and I can't believe I left it off the last post.

Veggie stirfry.... only without (drum roll)... wait for it...

rice or noodles!!!!

That's right, JUST VEGGIES. You start with chopped onion and a big scoop of butter (g'head... it's okay 'cause you're not using any other fat or carbs) and fry the onions. At that point you add anything else that's hard, such as carrots (cut into small pieces). Meanwhile you chop everything else up so it's ready. Add seasoning (pepper is my fave) and then when the onions and carrots are the way you want them, dump in the rest and stir for about one minute, just to warm them up and coat them with the seasoned butter.


(Any veggies will work. At the moment I'm eating onions, broccoli, carrots, tomato, cucumber, and red pepper - delicious :-)

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