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3 Hurdles To My Weight Loss

1) Lack of motivation.

I haven't gained any more weight, and I really don't have that much to lose. This is probably my problem. If I was overweight enough to suffer health risks, then I might have more motivation. (On the other hand, someone with more than ten pounds to lose might feel too overwhelmed to even try.)

2) All or nothing mentality

This is kind of an OCD-like quality of mine. If I have one, harmless 20 calorie candy, I flip into "oh who cares, I've blown it now - I'll start tomorrow" mentality. Gets me every time (or should I say, every day ;-)

3) I love food.

Dang it. Not sure what to do about that one...


Vered said...

Wow, you write lots of blogs!

I love food too. It's one of life's biggest pleasures, isn't it?

Good luck!

Jeanne said...

LOL I couldn't decide what to write about, so I started a few...

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