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How To Resist The Temptation Of Leftover Halloween Candy

At least with the Krisp Kreme donuts there was a light at the end of the tunnel - there are, after all, only twelve in a box.

The Halloween candy is a different story because there are literally piles and piles and piles and piles of it.

First of all, we bought too much. I bought another box to replace the, uh, eaten stuff, and it turns out that Hubby did the same thing. We live on a quiet dead-end street, and this year it was pretty dark because a lot of our neighbours went elsewhere. Near the end of the night (9:ish) I was giving out bulging handfuls to the lucky teens & tweens who ventured our way.

Then there are my two kids... I took them up and down our street and then their Dad took them down a few more. They were out for about two hours in total, and came back with at least a year's worth of candy.

Anyway, I need to come up with some coping strategies here. Even at as I type this, I can hear the thousands of little tiny voices coming from the kitchen counter: "Pssst!! Over here!! Chocolate!!" "No no, ME!! Caramel!!" "Hey don't forget me!! Salt Water Taffy!!!"

Phew. OK here goes. I can...

1) Put the candy in tubs of water and freeze them (you know, like the credit card thing?)

2) Sell it all on eBay ('cause no one else has ANY candy in their house right now)

3) Feed it to the cats

4) Tell the kids we're planting a candy tree and bury it in the back yard

5) Use it as a decoy to get the raccoons to stop knocking over our garbage cans

6) Burn it in the fireplace to keep warm this winter and save on our gas bill

7) Use it for bribes to control my family (what??? I didn't say that)

8) Give it ALL to my children because it belongs to them anyway (nu-uh. My uterus - my candy!!!)

9) Eat it so that I'll have an extra layer for warmth this winter


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