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My Weird Scale Euphoria Has Passed

So I went to the local health unit to use one of their "accurate" scales, and got the strangest result. It's kind of funny, actually...

In my last post I described how our home scale is less accurate as more weight is added on. However... check this out: on the health unit scale I weighed myself and my four year old.

I weighed EXACTLY the same as on my home scale (137 lbs). My son, however, weighed about 5 pounds LESS (40 1/2 on the health unit scale and about 45 at home). Hmmm. At home, he weighs 45 pounds when he steps on the scale himself, and 50 pounds when I weigh him by holding him and subtracting my weight.

So... my home scale ADDS five pounds to very light things, then gradually gets accurate, then as the weight increases it ADDS even more weight.

Sure... makes perfect sense. Why not? (Are you as confused as I am?)

I think I might just ditch the scale and switch to a measuring tape ;)
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