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Ice Cream Alert

I think I'm doomed until the tub is empty.

I caved last night, and had a nice biiiiig (1,000? cal) bowl of vanilla+ ice cream (I say vanilla+ because I add stuff, like chocolate chips, various syrups, peanut butter... you get the picture).

It's a friend's fault (yeah! that's it ;) - ever since she introduced me to Baskin Robbins' peanut butter chocolate ice cream (not sure if that's the official name), I have been trying to recreate the magic myself in my own kitchen.


OK, but...

Today I walked a total of... (doing the math)... 46 blocks!! Weeeeee. I don't dawdle, either - I walk briskly. Pump up my heart rate. Work up a sweat. I figure that must cancel out last night's indulgence and entitle me to more tonight, right?

(Seriously - 46!!!)
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