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Frankly My Dear...

Grooaaaan.... Aw, what the (bleep) kind of a post title was that (sorry) lol

I'm obsessing over Frank's RedHot sauce at the moment. I absolutely love the stuff (yum!!!!). Hubby wanted me to make him some chili for lunches (to which I added home grown zucchini puree - SHHH, I think he's getting suspicious), so of course out came the Franks. Seriously, I could drink the stuff (and it's only 1 calorie per 5 ml!!! Is it sad that I know that?). Anyway.

Ahhhh... Frank's. Literally, a measurable percentage of my waking hours is spent looking for things I can eat with it (hmm!! Stoned Wheat Thin??).

Another yummy treat, if you like hot stuff, is peppers and cheese: I take Bick's Pickled Pepper Rings (we buy the large 2L glass jar, because unlike most who use them sparingly, I eat them alone as food) and mix them with that Panago cheddar dip (which I also purchase by the jar - I'm sure you're seeing a trend here). Honestly, though - SO good....

Never mind that "last ten pounds" bit - I should have called this my "foods that I am obsessively fanatical about" blog...

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