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Eating Too Quickly

Here's a good article I'm reading:

I LOVE lists, and this writer spells out 50 weight loss tips that helped him. Tip #35 makes me chuckle: "remember that the fork is not a shovel". When I read that I laughed out loud (as in, oops - he's writing about me!!!)

I eat much too quickly. I have this strange mindset that I need to finish quickly before the food gets taken away, like I'm a puppy in a litter of ten or something (in reality I was an only child until I was almost eight). I'm very task oriented, like eating is an objective that I need to quickly accomplish. I power my way through my serving, then feel like I've missed out because I ate it too quickly to enjoy it, so I serve myself more.

I've tried eating slowly, but then I feel this almost competitive urge to eat more of what's available than everyone else. I'm not sure why, but now that I'm aware of that point, I can try and figure out something to counteract it...

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