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Yogurt and Weight Loss

This is interesting... the theory that probiotics can help you lose weight. Supposedly the bacteria in your intestines can affect how many calories you actually take in, so if you eat yogurt to add the right kind of bacteria, you'll be more successful in your weight loss efforts. (I knew I liked yogurt for a reason!)

What's even more interesting is that according to this article, yogurt seems to target abdominal fat (although in this case they cite the calcium as being the factor as opposed to the probiotics).

Supposedly eating yogurt three times a day is more beneficial than once, and the type of yogurt matters - as in, you want to read the label and consider the amount of sugar that is present. Greek style yogurt is recommended because it has more protein and fewer additives.

Sounds good to me. I like yogurt, and adding more of something healthy to my diet can't hurt. Too bad all of this wasn't true about ice cream as well ;-)

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